I Can’t Eat It

Posted on June 19, 2017


Getting myself out of a relationship with the Buddhists is tricky. They believe I am now slandering The Law (though they wouldn’t directly tell me this, their religion does) and I only need to be encouraged in my practice to overcome my demons.

When I tried to explain other aspects of Buddhism to a Buddhist once, they couldn’t hear because they are brainwashed by their own philosophy which neglects other Buddhist teachings. They also ignore the fact Hinduism pre-dates and inspired the Buddha. Don’t you dare study Hinduism! Sure the President of the Buddhist org will tell you to be aware of other religions, but THEIRS is the master teaching!

The Buddhists will tell you they are open minded till you become a regular and they want you in leadership positions selling their lines. They don’t want you studying other religions, they don’t want you practicing other types of spirituality, they want you at THEIR meetings in THEIR practice and THEIRS is the correct teaching of The Law. When I told them I was outie they: We embrace other religions! and I: Then why did you get scared when I showed you my Tai Chi book saying it had nice things to say about encouragement and you exclaimed, ISN’T THAT A RELIGION?!

The Buddhists are the sweetest, nicest people–but I can’t eat bullshit. And it’s utter BULLSHIT. BULLSHIT. SLANDER. BULLSHIT.


The Law is cause and effect an no single Buddhist chant is gonna make you master that Law because IT’S THE FUCKING LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT, DIG?

What am I gonna do, yell this into the faces of the most giving fools ever? That’s why I gotta type it out here so I don’t hurt anyone with my truths.

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