Seek and Ye Shall Find

Posted on June 19, 2017


When the internets first became available I started up in chat rooms. It didn’t matter which AOL handle I was using–I always got kicked out. All the users of whatever room I’d cyberwalk in to would gang up on me and type abuse at me till I left. I never felt particularly bad about this, I would laugh and try another room till they all insulted me and I left again. I’d had actual bricks and stones thrown at my head by the neighbor boy–worse things could hit me in reality than words. Words can make my heart race but they have never drawn actual blood–why I don’t believe crocodile tears over someone getting upset over words, because I “Just don’t look at them, then.” Very easy to not see those threatening words unless you are a whore for your own public victimization thereby creating and interacting with it. Seek and ye shall find

In college this idea of getting kicked out because I didn’t say the right things according to my fellow white people was compounded by N.O.W. and my Oliver Stone class. NOW is a complex reflection, but I will say I had an entire Stone lecture hall filled with about 200 people openly boo me for using the term white trash. Quite the irony considering I’m now a janitor and have had online liberal elites call me a trash person because I dare question their PC nature. One day I even baited an old white guy on Twitter and got him saying all kinds of stuff about how lowly he considered janitors and therefor the working class to be. His followers started turning on him “Gene, you sound a little racist…” It was beautiful. Not sure if Gene thought so?

Despite no physical rocks being thrown at my head in these domains, I feel the stress of pointing out the obvious to those who aren’t listening. I read your Tweets and even though I agree things are whack, my first impression of you is: What a fucking asshole!

(and that’s how the radical right is created)


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