Artistic Résumé


Contact: Zanne can be found at a bus stop near you.

Zanne currently works as a custodian for an array of Seattle theatres. She likes to play music, make pizza from scratch and create stuff–especially when it’s with her Daughter.

Graduated from American University (Washington, DC) with a BA in Literature; 2001

The Stranger (for my band DMFDP)
The Stranger (Poster of the Week)
Seattle Weekly (DMFDP)

Places Zanne Kamp has performed:

Eastman Theater (NY), American University (DC), Heaven (DC), Artomatic (DC), Market Showbox (SEA), El Corazon (SEA), Punk Rock Flea Market (SEA), Islewilde (Vashon), The Crescent (SEA), Mars Bar & Cafe Venus (SEA), Blue Moon Tavern (SEA), Q Cafe (SEA), The Skylark (SEA), The Comet (SEA), The Northwest Actors Studio (SEA), Rendezvous (SEA), Josephine (SEA), The Sunset (SEA), Chop Suey (SEA), Peoples Republic of Komedy (SEA), Vera Project (SEA), Faire Gallery (SEA), Enlighten (SEA), Pete’s Fire Pit (SEA), Cafe Racer (SEA), Fremont Abbey (SEA)

Zanne Kamp has organized these shows:
El Corazon: DMFDP ‘Love is Deaf’ Zine release show
Rendezvous: Uke Power! (a night of Ukulele music & film)
Rendezvous: Humorless (a night of music & comedy)
Josephine: The Dark Poet Turns 50~A Bill Hicks Tribute Night

Zanne Kamp has been part of these Art Festivals:
Artomatic 2002; installation
Islewilde 2008; music
Punk Rock Flea Market 2008-2010 & 2012; music & vendor
Isis: Women’s Art Festival 2012; music
Arts and Social Change Symposium 2012; mixed media artist
artEast 150 Feet of Art Collaboration 2014; mixed media painting with Daughter



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